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SCC is licensed in Florida

American Fidelity Life Insurance Hospitality Assets

Margaritaville, Pensacola Grand, Holiday Inn Express, Springhill Suites, Island House

Hurricane Sally – Sept 2020

Ocean Towers Condominiums

Panama City, FL

Hurricane Michael

October 2018

Holiday Inn Resort

Panama City Beach, FL

Hurricane Michael

October 2018

Land's End

Perdido Key, FL

Hurricane Sally

September 2020

Beach Colony Tower

Perdido Key, FL

Hurricane Sally

September 2020

Grand Caribbean Condos

Pensacola, FL

Hurricane Sally

September 2020

$3+ BILLION settled

We can help with Hurricane Ian Recovery

With over 300 years of experience and $3+ billion in insurance claims settled by our expert team, we employ state of the art technology solutions and unmatched advanced claim management practices that have maximized client settlements.

We can help with Time & Money

Client settlements are increased by an average of



while saving



of our clients’ time

How do I prepare properly for a Hurricane?

Download our free guide to Hurricane Preparedness. This checklist will help you in the event that your business or home might be damaged during the storm, or afterwards with wind, water or other property damage.

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Strategic Claim Consultants regularly works hard to prepare you for storm damage. Did you know that many insurance policies may not cover you for flood damage after a Hurricane? Here are some additional helpful articles.

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… about Condominium Flood Specifications form the National Flood Insurance Program. The link below provides the Residential Condominium Building Association Policy | Standard Flood Insurance Policy

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Why Strategic Claim Consultants

As the most comprehensive Public Insurance Adjuster in the southeast USA, we understand that disasters happen. The stress and trauma along with the numerous, critical decisions that need to be made in the aftermath are overwhelming. It is a difficult situation that, even under the best circumstances, requires expert knowledge and experience to navigate. Any misstep or mistake during the claim process can and will delay and limit your claim settlement. Here’s why you should use a Public Adjuster vs simply relying on an Insurance Adjuster.

Trust our

We understand
insurance claims
and how to maximize
your return

Our team of experts has years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and taking care of property owners across multiple continents. As a commercial insurance adjuster in Atlanta, we understand that insurance companies work for their own interests which means they always work to minimize what they pay property owners. We are Georgia public adjusters who work for your interests and your interests only, taking care of you by advocating for you and fighting to ensure you receive every benefit, resource, and settlement dollar that you deserve.

We are Strategic Claim Consultants and a public adjuster for businesses in Atlanta; when you turn to us for Atlanta public adjuster services, we will be with you all the way…minimizing your stress and maximizing your claim.

So in order for you to receive the resources and settlement to which you are entitled, it is vital that you know and take the correct steps in the claim process. At Strategic Claims Consultants, as public claim consultants in Atlanta, we take care of you and ensure you take those correct steps. We are a seasoned public insurance adjuster in Atlanta, working diligently to ensure all our clients end up with the compensation they’re entitled to. As possibly the best public adjuster in Atlanta, Georgia, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to getting our clients their money.

We work diligently to ensure you end up with the compensation you’re entitled to

What is a Public Adjuster & Why do I need one?

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