If you, or someone you know, has suffered from damage due to a hurricane, then you understand the importance of having homeowners, windstorm, or flood insurance. However, after the damage is done, a lot of work has to be done, starting with filing the insurance claim. Filing an insurance claim for significant damage due to a hurricane can be a full-time job because you are required to document every loss and negotiate a fair settlement. Any inaccuracy or lack of information can equate to a much lower settlement. 

If you have an insurance claim, we recommend reporting it immediately to your insurance company to send their internal adjuster. While the insurance company adjusters represent the interest of the insurance company, a public adjuster works on your behalf. Public adjusting firms, like Brandon Lewis and the team at Strategic Claim Consultants, manage the insurance claim in exchange for a set fee or percentage. For more information on how public adjusters are compensated, read this article.

“We work on your behalf so that you, your family, and business can return to normalcy as quickly as possible with the maximum settlement,” states Brandon Lewis, CEO of Strategic Claim Consultants. 

When to consider hiring help after a hurricane

Public adjusters can assist homeowners and business owners work with complex insurance claims. Recovering after a hurricane can be incredibly challenging because it typically means filing claims on different insurance policies. If your home or business was severely damaged, you’d file homeowners, business, or windstorm insurance claims and a flood insurance claim, if applicable. Filing an insurance claim is complicated and requires extensive knowledge to make sure that everything is presented accurately. 

What should I expect from a public adjuster? 

After deciding to hire a public adjuster, it’s essential to communicate your expectations. The public adjuster will handle your claim, on your behalf, for the duration of the claim process. In the article, “What Should I Expect From My Public Adjuster,” we discuss what you, as a policyholder, should expect when working with a public adjuster. In this article, the overall expectations include: 

  • Individually examining your claim
  • Evaluating damage to your property
  • Documentation
  • Presenting and mediation
  • Maximizing your settlement
  • Timeline

To read the full article, “What to Expect From My Public Adjuster,” click here. 

At Strategic Claim Consultants, we work on behalf of the policyholder to increase your claim’s payout, reduce frustration, and expedite your restoration. Thousands of residential and business insurance policyholders have trusted us with their claims – and we’ve been successful in getting them the settlement to which they’re entitled. Contact us today for a free consultation so that we can understand your needs and determine if we are the right fit to represent you!

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