When damage occurs to your home or business, typically the policyholder files a claim with the insurance company. While this may seem like a straightforward approach, dealing with the insurance company during the claims process can be cumbersome. To properly handle an insurance claim, you need experience, knowledge, and a Public Adjuster that works on your behalf. Hiring a public adjuster is recommended, but many policyholders pose the question, “Do I have to pay a Public Adjuster upfront?”. This question is a concern to most policyholders and may prevent them from contacting a public adjusting firm, like Strategic Claim Consultants. Keep reading this article as we answer this question. 


How much does a public adjuster cost? 

Public adjusters have different fee structures however, the basic breakdown can be found in this article, “How Much Will A Public Adjuster Cost? Understanding The Basics”.  

Some of the standard fee structures when working with a public adjuster, as highlighted in the above article, include: 

  • Flat Rate Fees: Sometimes, a public adjuster will charge a flat rate if there is a straightforward, obvious outcome. 
  • Hourly: While this is a rare way for a public adjuster to be compensated, some will accept this type of fee structure. 
  • Contingency: The most common fee structure that public adjusters use to be paid for their services. The fee is usually a percentage of the insurance payout. 


I want to work with a public adjuster, but do I have to pay upfront?

Many states prohibit public adjusters from accepting payments before a claim settlement. This is excellent news for policyholders because it ensures that the public adjuster will make sure you receive the maximum payout from your claim. In addition, not having to pay a public adjuster upfront gives an extra layer of protection and gives the policyholder the power to accept or deny the final claim. 


When will the public adjuster get paid? 

Public adjusters are compensated when you, as the policyholder, accept the insurance company’s final offer. The public adjuster negotiates on your behalf with your insurance company, and then you are presented with the last offer that you can choose to deny or accept. If you are unhappy with the final offer, you can communicate this with your public adjuster and reassess it. Most public adjusters work on a contingency fee structure, which is essentially a percentage of the payout amount, this incentivizes the public adjuster to push for a higher final payout. 


As experienced commercial and residential public adjusters, the team at Strategic Claim Consultants can help you get the help you need to maximize payout, expedite restoration, and reduce frustration.  Contact us now to get started.