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Earthquakes cause significant property damage – billions per year in the US alone – is your home or business built to withstand?

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Earthquakes: What to do?

Earthquakes can happen suddenly, without any warning, and often cause immense damages to a business, property, or municipal infrastructure. In the aftermath of an earthquake there can be damaged roofs and superstructures, fires and explosions, and even flooding if major utility lines and plumbing lines are impacted. Because earthquakes can cause so many different types of property damage, it can be hard to understand where to start when filing a claim. That’s why you need the experts on your side to thoroughly assess the damages that were made.

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Did you know that in some states you need to purchase additional insurance coverage in the case of an earthquake? In states like California, earthquakes are not covered under a standard insurance policy and additional coverage must be purchased in order to fully protect your business or property in the case an earthquake occurs. Although purchasing additional coverage isn’t mandated by the state, if you live in an earthquake-prone zone, it would be of best interest to get coverage to avoid paying high out-of-pocket repairs.

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Why You Need Public Claims Adjusters For Earthquake Recovery

If you have Earthquake damage to your business or property, look no further than SCC as your claim advocate. Our Public Adjusters are international and have experience servicing claims around the world. Our Public Adjusters work directly for you – not for insurance companies. As your advocate, we are on your side and will always have your best interests in mind when approaching the management of your claim. We work to get you the settlement you need to restore your home or business quickly and with reputable vendors so you can get back to the next chapter of your life.

When filing a claim for a natural disaster such as an Earthquake, it’s important to file a claim quickly and supply thorough and all proper documentation of the damages made to your home or business. Failing to do so can result in long delays, minimal payouts, and even outright claim denials. With our team’s 300 years of combined experience, we’ve seen it all in the claims process and are prepared to expertly negotiate with your insurance company to get you the settlement you deserve. We can help you get through every step of the filing and claims process, and we’re a ceaseless advocate for you.

With our industry leading Public Adjusters, we have years of experience serving victims of natural disasters such as Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and many more. We’re here to help and we’re only just a phone call away. Call us today at (844) 701-9995.

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We understand how important is for you to focus on your business goals. Any insurance claim process can delay your productivity and leave you buried in complex negotiations. We are committed Public Adjusters and passionate about representing your best interests. By hiring a Public Adjuster first, we diagnose the cause of loss properly, ensure the proper mitigation companies are in place specific to your loss, get it right the first time, and expedite the entire claims process on your behalf.

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We understand how important it is for you to focus on your business goals, especially after a disaster hits. Any insurance claim process can delay your productivity and leave you buried in complex, frustrating negotiations with your insurance provider. Let us help put the pieces back together. We will diagnose the cause of loss properly, thoroughly document damages, ensure the proper mitigation companies are in place specific to your loss, get it right the first time, and expedite the entire claims process on your behalf.

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