If you have an insurance claim for your home or business, you may be wondering, when should I hire a public adjuster? This question is something that many homeowners and business owners ask, especially as the claims process begins. In this article, we will address this question. 


Are there risks involved when working with a Public Adjuster?

As a policyholder, you have minimal risk when working with a public adjusting firm because they will assess the property loss at no cost. By performing this assessment, the severity of property damage is determined along with deciding if an insurance claim should be filed. If a policyholder is confident that the total value of their property loss is significant, we recommend consulting with an expert to get a second opinion. Public adjusters frequently visit a home or business and determine that the estimated loss value is less than it should be. NAPIA certified public adjusters are experts in their field, and it’s uncommon that they will exclude estimated costs that a policyholder may leave out of their estimate. For example, if a tornado damages a roof, a homeowner may miscalculate the price of a new roofing system. By doing this, the homeowner may forget to include the cost of removing the damaged roof. A specific, detailed claim is essential when submitting a request to the insurance company. Without the help of a public adjusting firm, most homeowners insurance companies will not voluntarily pay out more than the amount claimed. Insurance policyholders should be intentional with the amount requested, and hiring a public adjusting firm can help guarantee this. 


What Happens If I Choose Not To Work With a Public Adjuster?

You run the risk of not receiving the maximum payout amount for your settlement by choosing to file an insurance claim without the help of a public adjuster. We recommend consulting with an expert, experienced public adjusting firm like Strategic Claim Consultants. If you have questions about your clam, Strategic Claim Consultants are here to help. Schedule a consultation by visiting strategicclaimconsultants.com/contact-us/