When disaster strikes your property, the logical action to take would be to contact your insurance agent to start the insurance claim, right? Since filing an insurance claim seems so simple, why should you hire a Public Adjuster? Because a Public Adjuster can drastically help with your insurance claim where your insurance agent won’t. 


What happens when I file an insurance claim? 

If your home or business experiences damage or theft, an insurance claim is filed with your insurance company. When an insurance claim needs to be filed, you will typically work with an adjuster who works for the insurance company. The insurance adjuster’s job is to assess damages and determine what the insurance claim payout is. 

Filing an insurance claim can be laborious and has the potential to raise your future insurance premium, most policyholders typically pay the deductible to have the damages fixed. 


Types of Insurance Claim Adjusters

Once an insurance claim is filed, the policyholder interacts with a claims adjuster. There are three types of insurance claims adjusters. 

The most common type of adjuster is a company adjuster or staff adjuster. This type of adjuster works on behalf of your insurance company. For most insurance claims, this adjuster is who the policyholder typically interacts with. 

Another type of adjuster is an independent adjuster. This type of adjuster is an independent contractor hired by the insurance company to handle the claim. An insurance company will often hire independent contractors when there are many claims – mostly after a natural disaster. The insurance company will employ licensed, independent adjusters outside of the affected area to assist policyholders with their claims. 


Lastly, a public insurance adjuster is a type of insurance adjuster that works on behalf of the policyholder. A public adjuster is an independent, licensed adjuster that works on behalf and is hired by the policyholder. Most public adjusters are licensed; however, some states don’t require public adjusters to be licensed. 


Choosing to use a Public Adjuster

Most policyholders don’t utilize a public adjuster since insurance companies provide an adjuster during the claims process. Also, many policyholders are unaware that a public adjusting service is available for them to use. The insurance company will send their adjusters; however, we recommend working with a public adjuster that works for you. 


To see how public adjusters are compensated, view this article. 


Why Should I Hire a Public Adjuster? 

There are many advantages to hiring a public adjuster; however, the most significant benefit is the peace of mind knowing that an adjuster is working on your behalf. We wrote an article that lists the qualities of a great public adjuster and can be viewed here. 


If you are concerned with your insurance claim, contact public adjusting experts, Strategic Claim Consultants for a consultation. Brandon Lewis and our team at Strategic Claim Consultants are here to help. As GAPIA-certified public adjusters with years of experience, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us now so that we can understand your needs.


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