Knowing the Difference Between a Public Adjuster and an Adjuster That Works Through an Insurance Company Impacts Homeowner or Commercial Insurance Claims

As required by law, having adequate insurance coverage is needed if you own property. Most policyholders don’t enjoy paying the premiums attached to the insurance policies, and over several years, these costs can add up to significant amounts. The premiums paid over the years could be used for other expenses or savings, but there’s peace of mind that if an accident occurs, your property is covered. But what if the insurance company you’ve thought has you covered in the event of disaster doesn’t necessarily have all of your best interests in mind as they evaluate your damage and prepare your settlement amount? In this article, we discuss the difference between a public adjuster and an adjuster that works through an insurance company. 

A well-kept secret within the insurance industry that few policyholders understand as they begin the claims process is that the insurance adjuster sent by the insurance company does not work on your behalf. Although unfortunate, it’s a reality, and many policyholders don’t realize this until they have to file an insurance claim. When a claim is opened, keep this in mind: the claim adjuster assigned to your insurance case is hired by and working for the insurance company, not you. The insurance adjusters may introduce themselves as independent adjusters; however, they are contracted by your insurance company. Insurance companies are in the business of making money – so they will take all measures to ensure that you receive the minimum payout possible. The insurance adjuster works under two main conditions: 

  1. Legal obligation. This obligation is the portion of the coverage stating what you’ve agreed to pay. 
  2. To assess property damage under the terms and conditions determined by the adjuster. Insurance companies’ goal is to meet yearly profits, compensate employees, and keep policyholders happy. If they pay out more in claim settlements, they can’t offer the best competitive rates. 

Unfortunately, because they’re so emotional with grief and stress, many policyholders don’t realize this during the insurance claim process, settling instead for potentially insufficient payouts representing just a small fraction of what is owed. Policyholders that are informed or have a keen sense that something is not quite right will begin doing research and discover that a public adjuster can work on their behalf during the claims process. 

The Priorities of an Insurance Adjuster vs. Public Adjuster

As mentioned earlier, an insurance adjuster works on behalf of the insurance company. Due to this, the insurance adjuster may not accurately estimate damage and loss to your property. Their job is to provide a settlement that will satisfy your property damage, but during the process, they may overlook losses that are not obvious, causing you future incurred expenses. 

A licensed, certified public adjuster is an expert in insurance claims and will advocate on your behalf during or even after your claims process. The public adjuster’s job is to ensure that you receive the maximum payout in the most stress-free way. Like an insurance adjuster, a public adjuster carefully examines your insurance policy and estimates the full scope of property damage. However, this is the only similarity between the insurance adjuster and public adjuster. 

After a thorough estimation of the damages and with careful consideration of losses endured outside of any pre-existing damage, public adjusters initiate an exhaustive investigation process that includes: 

  1. A comprehensive appraisal of damages
  2. Negotiating with your insurance company
  3. Arranging a settlement that appropriately compensates for the totality of your loss.

In some cases, the total payout exceeds what is stated in your policy. 

Why is there a difference in the final settlement amounts between Insurance Adjuster and Public Adjuster? 

When a policyholder decides to use an experienced public adjuster, the difference in the claim settlement is extraordinary. We see this often happen at Strategic Claim Consultants. Homeowners and business owners transition from high stress and feeling manipulated by the insurance company to feeling relieved once they understand the amount they will receive from their settlement. Listed below are some of our results as we assisted business owners and homeowners with their insurance claims. 

These are a few examples of how your insurance company can “overlook” damages during the estimating process and how an experienced public adjusting firm, like Strategic Claim Consultants, can assist policyholders to increase their claims payout. Our team of licensed public adjusting experts assists with damages due to: 

  • Tornadoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Hurricanes
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Hail
  • Lightning
  • Theft

Our goal is to increase your claim’s payout, reduce frustration, and expedite your restoration. Get insurance claim assistance by contacting us today. Our team at Strategic Claim Consultants, led by Brandon Lewis, is ready to serve on your behalf. 

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