One of the most difficult things to face when dealing with a large loss claim is that there are no industry standards. No two claims are alike, therefore the rules can be very different depending on the type of claim being made. Using a public insurance adjuster is always the right thing to do, to move through the maze of this process.

As a business owner, when the unexpected happens, there can be an overwhelming sense of what to do next, and if your insurance truly covers what you need it to – now that there is a true restoration need at hand. Rest assured, the insurance companies themselves, with all of their resources, may also be just as overwhelmed. There are many varieties of items that need to be replaced, restored, rebuilt.

One of the first things to take place will be the involvement of an adjuster to take stock and give you an estimation on your claim. These estimates can often be well under-valued, and immediate acceptance of them might render major disappointment down the road — once you find the depth of loss and the lack of coverage and compensation offered.

So what could you expect from a licensed public adjuster following a large property loss?  

If you have been the victim of a large property loss and are planning to file a claim with your insurance company, you need to hire an experienced public adjuster who can help you each step of the way. A good public adjuster, much like an attorney, will cover every aspect of the claim and work in your corner to get you the compensation you are most definitely due. Here’s 4 things you can expect from a good public adjuster:

1. You need a plan of action. An experienced public adjuster will sit down with you and formulate steps of action that are required to meet the conditions of your insurance policy. Some of these steps may involve mitigation or demolition efforts. If you don’t keep up with the insurance policy requirements, you may be unable to go forward with your claim. An experienced public adjuster should also make you aware of the “Assignment of Benefits Contract” — a document that is often presented to you by the insurance company that may hinder you receiving what you are owed.

2. A public insurance adjuster is experienced in the whole process. When you engage with a public adjuster to help you with your claim, they will be there to answer all of your questions, provide you with information about the process, and walk through it with you, step by step – no matter how long it takes – to maximize your claim.

3. Your property should be restored fully. When a public adjuster gets involved, they will do all they can to get your property back into it’s fully operational state so that you can pick up and do business as usual. This would include restoring your property to current codes and standards.

4. Make sure you fully understand your policy. Because the insurance policy is often lengthy, filled with legalese jargon and has multiple pages to wade through, engaging with a public insurance adjuster can ultimately save you much time, confusion, and most likely large percentages of your potential payout from the insurance company.

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