Flooding is the most common and damaging of natural disasters that occur in the United States

In fact, 90% of all-natural disasters involve flooding. When there is a flood, water from any overflows will quickly become contaminated with sewage and can cause further damages to your business or property. A thorough mitigation could mean all the difference to the safety and longevity of your structure. When you experience a flood, an immediate and meticulous assessment of the damages needs to occur in order to thoroughly report it to the insurance company.

As your representatives, we want to ensure that a professional and rigorous cleanup has occurred, and will help to interview and manage the best mitigation vendors for your claim. Experts using a complex sanitation process administer the cleanup to a flooded business or home. Incorrectly administered cleanup using too much heat or drying items too quickly can cause additional damage to property and ultimately sacrifice the future stability of the structure. Your adjuster should always monitor the humidity levels in the building and it’s normal for multiple visits to be required before measuring levels are within safe guidelines.

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Did you know that in order to fully protect your business or property, you need to have a separate flood insurance policy?

Traditionally, private insurance companies have not covered damages from floods and a secondary policy is needed in order to protect your assets. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a program created by Congress through the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 as a solution to the lack of privatized insurance options and the increasing payouts from flooding disasters. Standard property insurance does not cover flood damage.

A business or homeowner will need to purchase a separate policy from a private insurance company to be covered in the event of a flood. This is why the NFIP is so important; it ensures that the federal government will reimburse a private insurance carrier for claim payments, ultimately protecting policyholders in the wake of flooding disasters.

FEMA Structural Drying Guide

Got water damage? Properly mitigating your business or property from extensive damage will have a strong impact on the success of your claim.