If you’re dealing with a difficult insurance claim in Atlanta, you may want to look into hiring a GAPIA licensed public adjusting firm. 

A public adjuster works directly with you, the policyholder, and helps ensure that you get the best possible outcome from your catastrophic insurance claim. Why would you want to hire a commercial or residential public claims adjuster in Georgia? Here are the top four reasons:

  1. You Have A Very Complex Claim 

Let’s say that a storm blew out one of your windows, and a tree fell on your roof. The water damage caused an electrical short, which caused a fire. This fire destroyed your water heater and some of your plumbing, causing even more water damage on your property.

Where would you start when it comes to filing a claim? You might be unsure, but if you hire a team of residential public adjusters in Atlanta, they’ll take care of the entire process. And because they work directly for you – not the insurance company – you can be sure that they will take their time and provide you with information about the full extent of damages. 

  1. Your Insurance Company Is Dragging Their Feet

If your insurance company is not resolving your claim quickly enough, or you’re not satisfied with their communication throughout the process, a public adjuster can help. 

They will represent you and contact your insurance company on your behalf, and because working for you is their full-time job, they can provide your claim with their full attention. You won’t have to worry about long phone calls and being on hold with your insurer – your public adjuster takes care of the whole process.

  1. You’re Not Satisfied With The Insurance Company’s Offer

If your insurance company’s adjuster has come out to your property and you have received an unreasonable offer, a public adjuster may be able to help you earn more compensation. 

A public adjuster can survey the damage to your home or business and provide you with an overview of the compensation to which you’re entitled, and pursue the insurance company to negotiate with them and adjust your compensation based on their findings.

  1. Your Claim Is Denied

A public adjuster can be very helpful if your insurance claim is denied.  Hiring a public adjuster is usually a good step before you hire a lawyer to litigate the claim. A public adjuster can analyze your claim and your property, file an appeal, and re-open the case.

While hiring a lawyer may still be necessary, a public adjuster may be able to re-open the case and get you the compensation that you deserve. 


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