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Severe thunderstorms are very common in Georgia. And while most thunderstorms result in nothing more than a few broken branches and loose shingles, the damage can sometimes be much more extensive.

If lightning strikes your home or property, the damage can be very severe indeed. Lightning strikes can knock out electrical systems, damage utility lines and cause explosions – and are a leading cause of house fires in Georgia.

If a lightning strike has damaged your home, you need an advocate who is on your side, and can help you get the money that you deserve from your insurance company. You need Strategic Claim Consultants! We’re the best fire claim adjuster in Atlanta, and have a team of strategic claims adjusters who specialize in lightning damage!

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How Our Public Adjusters In Savannah Help You Get The Money You Deserve!

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Most insurance adjusters are employed by insurance companies directly. This means that they do not have your best interests in mind – they are seeking to minimize insurance payouts, and ensure profitability for their employer.

However, a public adjuster in Atlanta, such as Strategic Claim Consultants, works directly for you, as a client! Public adjusters help you through every step of the process – from initial damage assessments and insurance claim submission, to repairs and home/business restoration!

Whether your business is struck by lightning, or your home is damaged by a lightning strike, your first call should be to a public claims adjuster, such as Strategic Claims Consultants. Working with our public claims adjuster in Atlanta has a variety of benefits.

First, we help you avoid common mistakes when submitting a claim – such as failing to note all damages caused by a lightning strike. This ensures your claim will not be denied or rejected.

Second, our team can help you wade through the paperwork required to file an insurance claim, and act as a liaison between you and the insurance company. Finally, because we understand the insurance claims process at such a deep level, we can ensure that your payment is fast, and that you get all of the money that you are entitled to as an insurance policyholder.

Don’t let a lightning strike put your home at risk, or put your business out of commission. Get in touch with us right away!

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We serve Atlanta, Savannah, and the surrounding regions – and can even travel to any other state in the US for lightning recovery services! Contact us now for details about our services, and get your life back on track after a lightning strike.