5 Reasons to partner with a Public Adjuster after the recent winter storm…

If you were rocked by burst pipes, frozen sprinklers, and the ensuing water damage from the most recent winter storm in Texas, you will most assuredly be filing an insurance claim. The insurance claim process is complicated and difficult requiring time and expertise to manage and ensure the indemnity needed to restore your property is collected from the insurance company. Public adjusters are specially trained insurance claim experts who possess the knowledge and experience to help you through the process, working on your behalf and in your best interests, so that you maximize every settlement dollar needed to fix your property. 

One of the many questions policyholders have is how to find and hire a reputable public adjuster. Just like other professions, there are varying degrees of quality public adjusters. So, how do you find the good ones and weed out the not-so-good? Here are five things to consider when hiring a public adjuster in Texas to help with filing water damage claims from pipe breaks, frozen sprinklers, and other water-related catastrophic damage.

  1. Claim Advocacy – Your Public Adjuster should represent you, the policyholder. They are YOUR advocate and help you navigate through the claims process. Your Public Adjuster should be extremely knowledgeable and great communicators. They will also handle all of the aspects of your claim so you don’t have to.
  2. Forensic Analysis – Expert forensic analysis is a critical element to ensuring proper restoration and validation of your claim. Hiring a public adjuster who has expert forensic analysis skills will expedite your claim and maximize your return.
  3. Engineering Validation – Reputable public adjusters will have an entire team of engineers to help establish, validate and confirm the causation of the loss. Doing so will not only expedite your claim but will also maximize your return.
  4. Income Recovery – Many businesses will experience a tremendous loss in revenue due to the damages. A public adjuster will help you navigate the process to get Business Income recovery settlement paid in its entirety.
  5. Reputation and Results – Throughout this article, we’ve said the word “reputable” because you want a team who knows what they are doing and has the results to prove it. Don’t settle for a public adjuster who won’t share their previous work, letters of recommendation, and results. 

If you are looking for a reputable public adjuster in Texas, it is best to assess their ability to help you based on the above 5 categories. If a public adjuster provides and excels in the above 5 services then you have found the right and best insurance claim partner and advocate…and don’t forget, ALWAYS ask for referrals and results. Our team at Strategic Claim Consultants are expert insurance claim consultants and advocates with over 200 years of experience and over $1B in successful settlements secured for our clients. With 40 Public Adjusters in offices throughout Texas – from Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, to Austin, and in between – we can definitely help you with your insurance claim from any loss or damage sustained as a result of the recent winter storm. You can check out some results here as well as navigate to our winter storm public adjuster page here.