Puerto Rico is no stranger to disasters. In 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Aside from hurricanes, there are also floods, fires and explosions that destroy homes and businesses.

Your Insurance Company’s Adjuster

Don’t believe that the adjuster who works for your insurance company will be unbiased and treat you fairly. His or her job is to save their employer money when claims arise. That operates in your insurance company’s best interests, but it certainly doesn’t operate in yours. When you try to adjust your own loss, you’ll find it tedious, time-consuming and burdensome. You’ll make mistakes that you’re unlikely to notice, and those can be used against you. Your Puerto Rico public adjuster is a licensed professional who does disaster claim work for a living.

Getting Back to Normal

While you focus on getting your daily routine back to normal, a public adjuster is coordinating every aspect of your claim with your insurance company. For your protection, your Puerto Rico public adjuster will make sure that you comply with every term and condition in your insurance policy, and you’ll be fully informed on all progress on your claim. The public adjuster’s goal is to recover maximum compensation for a client’s loss and not simply take whatever their insurance company says the loss is valued at.

Every public adjuster at Strategic Claim Consultants is an expert in their specific field. A Puerto Rico public adjuster from our San Juan offices can be anywhere in Puerto Rico in 24 hours or less. Contact us on any disaster claim by calling 888-587-0806, or use our online contact form at https://strategicclaimconsultants.com.