Phil Grandchamp

Phil Grandchamp | Partner

Executive Large Loss Adjuster
GA# 774397 SC# 8958807 NC# 8958807 TX# 1544273 IA# 8958807 MS# 10679687 MN# 40696478 NV# 3404836 LA# 883583 VA# 1224398 WV# 8958807 OH# 1293016

Working in the industry of reconstruction, restoration and remediation, especially in connection with disaster related insurance claims for property damage, Phil’s experience is thorough and comprehensive.

Since 2002 Phil has worked with increasing familiarity of claim cost analysis, insurance negotiations, project planning and implementation of property and casualty claim resolutions, including first running his own public insurance adjuster firm for 14 years prior to joining Strategic Claim Consultants.

Phil brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team at SCC and continues to be an integral part of the success of helping the public to receive full and satisfactory compensation from their respective insurance companies.