Bay County Property Owners are experiencing an increase in the cost to restore their properties

Originally pulished: 1/8/2019

Updated: 12/19/2022

Property owners affected by the recent landfall of Hurricane Michael are facing challenges renovating their homes and businesses. Those dealing with damages in excess of 50% of the value of their property must rebuild to meet the same standards as new construction, due to the National flood insurance program regulated under FEMA. For example, if you had a roof on your home that was blown away or damaged,  your new roof must meet the new building code standards, not the old ones that your previous roof was built on. As you can imagine, this will increase your restoration costs tremendously.

Are you also in a flood zone?

Properties that meet the 50% threshold who are also in a flood zone in Bay County must comply with the new building codes AND elevate their properties to the new building code requirements. Let’s look at an example: Let’s say your home in the Bay County, Florida was damage to over 50% of the value of the property. Your home is also in a flood zone and your elevation is around 8 feet. Under this regulation, you will not only be required to get your home up to current code but you will also be required to raise your foundation to 11 feet to come into compliance with the existing Florida building code.

As you can imagine, this increases the cost of restoring your property after a devastating natural disaster like Hurricane Michael. It is extremely important for your insurance company to account for this cost within your claim.

Why Hire a Florida Public Adjuster for Hurricane Michael Damage?

If you have suffered from a catastrophic loss due to Hurricane Michael, hiring a Florida public adjuster will be a decision that you will not regret. A public adjuster will fight on your behalf to ensure that your insurance company settles your claim for what you deserve and account for the increase in cost to rebuild due to the current regulations. Who do you hire when you have legal problems? A lawyer. Who do you hire when you have tax problems? A CPA. The same goes when you have a catastrophic loss. A public adjuster will not only help increase your claims settlement, but you will also gain peace-of-mind knowing that someone is on your side with the knowledge and expertise to get the claim settlement you deserve.