As public adjusters, we are often asked, “should you hire a public adjuster if you have a fire?” While there are many different answers we can give, below you will find three major reasons you should hire a public adjuster if you have a catastrophic loss such as a fire.

Public Adjusters are Insurance Experts

If you have a tax problem, you are most likely going to consult with a CPA or tax expert. If you have a legal problem you are most likely going to seek counsel from a lawyer. If you have heart issues, you’re most likely going to seek help from a doctor. Similarly, if you have a catastrophic loss such as a fire, you should seek experts who understand insurance.

If you know all of the intricate details to handle your insurance claim along with your state laws, then you may be equipped to handle your claim. If you do not have this knowledge or expertise, you should seek a professional and reputable public adjuster for fires. They are experts.

Public Adjusters will save you time and headaches

Having a fire in your home or business can be extremely stressful. Especially if you or a loved one has been hurt or even suffered a loss of life. Many times those emotions can cause tremendous stress, frustration, and angst when dealing with your insurance claim.

Reputable public adjusters will handle most everything for you and work on your behalf with the insurance company. They are your advocate and act on your behalf, not the insurance company. Once you hire a public adjuster, most of your work and dealing with the insurance company is now removed as the public adjuster works with your insurance company so you don’t have to. Doing so ensures your claim is handled appropriately and expeditiously.


Public Adjusters should increase your settlement

insurance companies are for-profit organizations whose goal is profitability. Many treat their customers good. However, as the policyholder, it is your responsibility to prove loss and to ensure that the insurance company upholds their contract (the policy) that you have been paying them for since you signed the policy.

Public adjusters are experts in dealing with insurance companies. They understand the games as well as the language needed to communicate effectively and prove the loss of your claim. Most of the time, policyholders that handle a catastrophic loss themselves, don’t maximize their settlement because they just don’t have the knowledge, don’t prove their loss appropriately, and don’t ask the right questions. This is what public adjusters do on a regular basis. As such, you should experience an increase in your total claim settlement if you hire a reputable public adjuster.

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