How can I keep my pipes from freezing? What can I do to stop my pipes from cracking or bursting?

Here are a few things you can do to properly prepare for the colder temperatures this winter.

During extremely cold weather, it is important to take steps to keep from paying expensive property costs, and save you from major damage or loss:

1. Keep your taps slightly open so they drip a little water. Moving water is less likely to freeze. Your small increase in a water bill would be astronomically less than the potential damage of a flood in your home.

2. Check to see if your garage has water pipes running through it. If so, be sure to only open the garage when absolutely necessary. These pipes will be vulnerable.

3. Keep your heat in the home set to no less than 55ºF while away from home. This will protect greatly against internal pipes dropping in temperature too far.

5. As a precaution, if you’re leaving town for more than a day or two, you may want to shut off the water at the main valve. Be sure to consult a professional plumber first to make sure it won’t disrupt the ability to heat the home. Locate the valve in your home, and educate yourself as much as possible about the movement of water and what it does/where it flows. After closing the valve, be sure to drain the pipes by running water through all faucets.

6. Many cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom have pipes inside, so it’s a good idea to open the cabinet doors, allowing the warmer airflow to circulate around those pipes.




What to do if your pipes are already frozen: Call a plumber, and run water through the taps. If you can find the frozen area, CAREFULLY warm it with a hair dryer (do NOT use anything with an open flame). If water begins seeping out of the pipe, follow the steps below for a burst pipe.

What to do if you have a burst pipe: Swiftly locate the main valve for your water supply, and turn it all the way off. Run water through the taps to drain the pipes. Make sure to call your plumber.

For major damage or loss, call us and let us work with your insurance company to smooth the process and handle the details. We know the industry and can help you avoid costly mistakes with your claim, and more importantly, find areas of hidden damage that won’t always be spotted by the insurance adjuster.



We’re here to help. In the event of any major property damage or loss—frozen pipes, water, wind, fire, or other types of disaster—we’ll prepare and file your claim for you to maximize your settlement and get it moving quickly through the system. Contact our professional team of experts led by Brandon Lewis at Strategic Claim Consultants.


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