One of the most significant challenges that a business owner faces is property damages and losses due to unanticipated incidents. These damages can cause severely affect normal business operations. A business owner’s responsibility, after damages occur, is to get the business back to normal operations. In this article, we discuss 5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire a Public Adjuster.

What Does A Public Adjuster Do? 

A public adjuster is a licensed, independent insurance expert that works on behalf of an insurance policyholder when an insurance claim has been filed. The insurance company provides its internal insurance adjuster after you file your claim, and they work on behalf of the insurance company. Not you. 

A public adjuster works on your behalf to ensure that your claim is accurate and maximum payout is paid to the policyholder. To view how a public adjuster is compensated, read this article.  

Reason #1: Expedited Business Recovery/Restoration Process

Unexpected events like a hurricane, earthquake, water damage, theft, or other damages cannot be prevented. The process towards restoration is tedious, tiring, and can be overwhelming for business owners. However, a public adjuster lifts this massive load from the business owner’s shoulders. 

Public Adjusters recognize the adverse result of catastrophic events. During the claims process, a portion of the assessment and evaluation is the safety issues after an incident occurs. A significant part of the recovery process is ensuring that everyone involved in your business’ operations is safe. 

Experienced public adjusters perform thorough and detailed evaluations so that accurate losses can be reported. The public adjuster then mitigates the damages and relieves the business owner of all responsibilities that are associated with the damages. All of the damages are used in the documentation is necessary for the negotiation process with your insurance company. This evaluation is incredibly important and is a step towards restoration for this business. Working with an experienced public adjusting firm assures that all damages will be assessed appropriately. 

Reason #2: Negotiation and Settlement with the Insurance Company

Negotiating with the insurance company is arguably the most stressful part of the claims process. Typically the insurance company presents an unfair or denied claim, and the policyholder is left feeling hopeless. Insurance companies include complicated language in their contracts and settlement offers; however, this should not hinder you from receiving the maximum payout. Hiring a public adjuster ensures that you have an insurance expert on your side during this process. They negotiate on your behalf and fight for the maximum settlement amount.

Reason #3: Public Adjusters Are With You For The Duration Of Your Claim

Public adjusters provide extensive services from the initial consultation to full business recovery. In addition, public adjusters typically are compensated once a settlement is agreed upon and paid. Public adjusters work with policyholders for the life of their claim and often offer additional resources to ensure that the business can be restored. 

Reason #4: Expertise and Education

Most policyholders don’t have much experience handling an insurance claim and are unaware of the local laws associated with claims as well. Lack of training may result in a much lower settlement payout. A public adjuster will use their expertise from previous cases to help build your case resulting in a larger settlement. 

Reason #5: Public Adjusters Aren’t Compensated Until You Are

When you being your journey of working with a public adjuster, there typically is not an upfront fee requirement. Most public adjusters work on a contingency fee basis and are compensated once the settlement is dispersed. Since the adjuster’s payment is based on the settlement amount, they will fight to ensure that you receive the insurance company’s maximum compensation. An expert public adjusting firm is a crucial portion during the insurance claim process to help adequately cover damages to your property, restore the property, and return to normal business operations. 

Dealing with damages to your business is not an easy task and requires an expert. At Strategic Claim Consultants, we are dedicated to helping our clients by increasing claims payouts, reducing frustration, and expediting restoration. Contact one of our public adjusting experts today!