Wall Street Journal confirms what we have been seeing on the ground in Nashville.

Five tornadoes and COVID One-Two Punch, Nashville, TN.

Nashville. A beautiful, thriving city that was hit first with a swath of tornadoes on March 3rd is now dealing with the COVID pandemic, effectively giving Nashville and central Tennessee a one-two punch. The community is banding together to restore this town as best it can during this time. 

First the Tornadoes

The storm hit east of Nashville, in early March, with 170+ winds flashing through the town. The tornadoes left an estimated 25 people dead and thousands of buildings damaged or destroyed. “We’ve got to go through that and make sure that nobody was left behind,” said Mayor John Cooper. 

Immediately after the news of the storm was received, the President of Strategic Claim Consultants, Brandon Lewis, quickly devised a plan of action to make sure they had boots on the ground. “We wanted to assist homeowners and business owners during this tragic time quickly.” The Strategic team is actively working to help restore this city and the lives affected. They are partnering with businesses and families to expedite restoration.  

Brandon states, “We have seen an outpouring of selflessness within the Nashville. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Nashville residents and business owners during this time. As a public adjuster, it is our responsibility to help policyholders get compensation for their property loss and support with restoring this community”. 

Only five days after the tornadoes, enter COVID-19

Only five days after storms slammed middle Tennessee, Nashville experienced its first confirmed case of the coronavirus (COVID-19). On March 15th, the Mayor of Nashville issued a Safer at Home order shutting down non-essential businesses and encouraging people to practice social distancing. As of April 6th, there are now over 1034 confirmed cases with six deaths, according to WKRN.

Because of the pandemic and Safer at Home order, the Wall Street Journal reports that fewer volunteers are coming to help with the tornado recovery. While they had thousands of people show up to help clear debris, middle Tennessee is seeing fewer and fewer volunteers helping with the tornado recovery. 

What to do now?

Strategic Claim Consultants has been a part of helping Nashville and surrounding areas recover from the tornadoes. They are also assisting businesses in filing their business interruption insurance claims. If you don’t have business interruption insurance, it is only a matter of time until disaster strikes again. We recommend contacting your insurance company and adding business interruption insurance to your policy. Companies that do have this type of coverage can file a claim and get compensated based on their policy. While many businesses are waiting on government funds, many companies with interruption insurance have already received funds. 

The Strategic Claim Consultants team is working diligently to help assist with the restoration of homes and businesses during this time of need. 

They launched a covid19 webpage that they keep updated regularly. This page has helpful guides, data & analytics, and essential links. Brandon Lewis and his entire team are committed to assisting our clients and the business community during these unprecedented times. Please email any questions you may have about the loss of income your business may have suffered to info@strongclaims.com.