You may have heard of commercial public adjusters who work with businesses to recover compensation when insurance companies won’t pay or fail to live up to the terms of their insurance contracts. But do public adjusters work only with businesses? Are there residential claims adjusters in Georgia? Find out below, and see if working with residential public adjusters in Georgia is right for you. 

Public Adjusters Work With Both Businesses And Homeowners To Recover Compensation 

Public adjusters don’t only work with businesses. While there are a lot of commercial public adjusters in Georgia, there are also plenty of residential public adjusters, too. Most public adjusters are willing to handle both commercial and residential claims.

So whether you have a commercial problem – like a business that flooded – or a residential insurance claim – like a home that was damaged by a hurricane or storm – public adjusters can help you get the compensation you need.

What Do Public Adjusters Do? How Can They Help Me?

Not sure why you would want to hire a residential public adjuster? Public adjusters are professionals that do not work for any insurance company – but contract directly with policyholders, such as individuals and businesses, to assess the damages done to a home or business.

The public adjuster uses their knowledge of the insurance industry to help you get the settlement that you deserve. Unlike your insurance company’s adjuster – who will usually try to get you the lowest possible amount of compensation – a public adjuster seeks to maximize the claim’s payout, reduce frustration, and expedite your restoration. 

Public adjusters often help with claims related to:

  • Fire losses
  • Hurricane/tornado/storm losses
  • Flooding
  • Water damage
  • Wind damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

If you are having trouble getting your insurance company to pay, a residential public adjuster can be an efficacious partner throughout this process. They have an in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry – which can be used to your benefit to fight back against loopholes and policy exclusions and ensure you get the money you deserve for your property damage or loss.

How Do I Find A Residential Public Adjuster In Georgia? 

You can start by searching online – looking for a “public adjuster in Georgia,” for example. However, it’s imperative to make sure that any adjuster you choose is licensed and certified by GAPIA, the Georgia Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. Only public adjusters licensed by GAPIA are legally allowed to act as public adjusters in the state.

Looking For Residential Public Adjusters In Georgia? We Can Help! 

At Strategic Claim Consultants, we’re GAPIA-certified public adjusters and handle both residential and commercial claims. If you’re having problems with your insurer and want to get the compensation you deserve, contact us now. We’re always here to help you navigate the headaches of filing your insurance claim.